Asphalt Weekly Monitor

Marissa Zeitinger
05 Jan 2018
  • Markets slowly restart, following the long New Year’s Holiday weekend.
  • East Coast asphalt and flux retail prices firm in most areas this week.
  • Wholesale pricing for asphalt flat, with flux up on the East coast to start 2018.
  • Midwest retail asphalt markets were very slow, but prices rose in some areas. Flux rose too.
  • Wholesale asphalt goes higher for January. Most flux prices rise as well.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices move higher in most locations this week.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt and flux barge pricing increases slightly to start January.
  • Rockies markets remain mostly quiet. A few locations had firmer prices.
  • Wholesale price increased in the Rocky Mountain region for January.
  • West Coast slowly restarts for January. Selling range assessments rise in some areas.
  • Western Canada retail markets are cold and quiet. Wholesale prices increased for January.
  • Asphalt prices in Quebec are unchanged and markets quiet. Ontario posted prices went up.
  • Crude oil prices trade higher, pressuring refining costs upward. West Texas (WTI) oil holds over $61, while Western Canada crudes climb $2-3/barrel. Brent oil remains $6 above WTI.
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