Asphalt Weekly Monitor

Marissa Zeitinger
29 Dec 2017
  • Remaining asphalt activity has been stalled by the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.
  • East Coast asphalt and flux retail prices unchanged this week.
  • Wholesale pricing for asphalt and flux on the East coast remains steady for the week.
  • Retail markets had frigid weather and were mostly quiet in the Midwest this Holiday week
  • Midwest wholesale asphalt and flux prices were static for remaining December supply.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices steadfast this week.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt and flux barge pricing continues at previously noted levels.
  • The Rocky Mountain region had little activity this week. December wholesale and retail prices were flat.  January wholesale prices will be noted next week.
  • West Coast markets were steady and mostly inactive,
  • Western Canada retail markets are cold and quiet. Wholesale is static for December.
  • The frigid Eastern Canada region is unchanged and quiet for the Holidays.
  • Oil prices continue rising, with WTI breaking $60 a barrel. Western Canada crudes remain heavily discounted on limited pipeline capacity. Brent oil remains $6+ above WTI grade.
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