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Thomas Nash

Senior LPG Specialist Thomas Nash details the effects of fog delays on US LPG exports.

“Fog delays to hit US exports in February”

Sophie Tan

Senior LNG Specialist Sophie Tan details the plans to expand its role as a vital LNG supply source.

“Papua New Guinea Aims for More Supply in Mid-2020s”

Kit Wong

Senior LNG Specialist Kit Wong tells about the latest deals to cover Bangladesh’s new and growing demand.

“Bangladesh Signs Two More SPAs”

Erik Broekhuizen

Erik Broekhuizen, Head of Tanker Research, shares his latest views on the market.

“Looks Familiar?”

What's New

Erik Broekhuizen

Looks Familiar?

Erik Broekhuizen
16 Mar 2018; The expression “history repeats itself” is very appropriate in the shipping markets. Seasonality and market cycles usually…
Erik Broekhuizen

Favorable Winds Ahead

Erik Broekhuizen
9-Mar-2018: The overall tone of “Oil 2018”, the latest IEA annual forecast of global oil demand, supply, refining and trade…
Erik Broekhuizen

Navigating Uncertainty

Erik Broekhuizen
2 Mar 2018: Back in 2014, when oil prices were well above $100 per barrel, analysts regularly talked about a geopolitical…

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