Swimming Against the Tide: Poten’s Spot LNG Market Panel Webinar

Webinar: Swimming Against the Tide: Poten’s Spot LNG Market Panel | May 27

With a flood of spot LNG supply, market participants are working to navigate an unprecedented spot LNG market. Join our latest LNG market webinar on May 27 to hear our panel of analysts discuss US cancellations, major cargo deferrals in Asia, shifting pipeline gas supply in Europe, and other recent market developments as they answer your questions.

Stream now our special panel discussion recorded on May 27 

Topics to be addressed include:

• How are US cancellations affecting arbitrage economics and spot availability in Europe and Asia Pacific?
• What are buyers doing to balance demand and take advantage of low prices?
• How are sellers coping with a wave of DQTs and cargo deferrals and how is that affecting spot markets?
• How much longer will markets be like this and what does the future spot market look like?

Panelists include:

• (Moderator) Jason Feer, Global Head of Business Intelligence
• Sophie TanHead of Asia Pacific Business Intelligence
• Oleg VukmanovicHead of European LNG Business Intelligence
• Kit WongHead of South Asia and Middle East Business Intelligence


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