Webinar: LNG Contracts in the Age of Covid | August 5

Jessica Lampi

The outbreak of the global pandemic in late 2019 caused a precipitous decline in LNG demand and industry activity. However, after a month or two, contract discussions recovered and we have seen a large number of contracts signed since the start of 2020. Join Poten’s Head of Business Intelligence, Jason Feer, as we share the results of Poten’s semi-annual review of LNG contracting.


Topics covered:
• Pricing of contracts signed during the first half of 2020
• Shifts in benchmarks used to price LNG
• The evolution of contract terms including volume flexibility, price review clauses and other terms
• A unique look at how contracts signed today compare with legacy contracts still in effect
• Expectations about contract terms and pricing for the rest of the year

Jason FeerGlobal Head of Business IntelligencePoten & Partners

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