Webinar: Global LNG FSRU Project Update: Is New Demand Development Stalling? | July 22

Jessica Lampi

Floating storage and regasification units have been key to opening up new markets for LNG. They offer a nimble and cheap way of setting up the infrastructure needed to bring in cleaner-burning fuel to countries looking to reduce emissions from power plants using coal and liquids. But their deployment hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Stream Poten’s latest LNG series webinar for a discussion of the FSRU sector.

Topics addressed:
• The global FSRU fleet and which countries offer good prospects for further FSRU employment
• Regional factors influencing demand for LNG-to-power projects
• How these assets are being financed
• Why some import projects using FSRUs are slow to gain traction
• The effects of Covid-19 and low oil prices on the growth of the FSRU sector

Panelists include:
• Melanie Lovatt, LNG Finance Advisor, Business Intelligence
• Kit Wong, Head of South Asia and Middle East Business Intelligence

Date & time:
July 22, 10 AM Central | 3 PM GMT

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