Webinar: Covid-19, the Oil Price Plunge and LNG Project Development

Jessica Lampi

8 April

Liquefaction project sponsors were already struggling to attract customers. Now the fallout from Covid-19 and the drop in oil prices is putting this goal out of reach for many of them. As a result, some projects have already been put on hold. Lockdowns, social distancing and closed borders will also delay projects that have been given the green light.

Topics Discussed:

-An update on the LNG markets
-The immediate impact of Covid-19 and weak oil prices on final investment decisions
-How the crisis is likely to shape long-term contract negotiations
-The re-emergence of a need for downside protection, such as S-curves
-The effect on fund-raising for liquefaction projects, import projects, floating storage and regasification units and LNG carriers
-Headwinds for projects that are already under construction

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