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Our interactive LNG and natural gas training course gives your company a competitive advantage, providing unparalleled access to Poten’s global team of advisors – with a total of over 1,000 years of industry experience. Our course helps your staff understand all aspects of the LNG and natural gas business – accessible from anywhere in the world.


About the Course

Today’s LNG and natural gas landscape faces a host of new challenges, risks and opportunities. Get your team up to speed on the entire industry value chain and gain the commercial skills to navigate these uncertain times. Our course helps you to capitalize on opportunities with a view to the future.

Poten’s advisors have hand-crafted this essential training course to give participants a sound foundation of knowledge while also providing the tool kit necessary to deal with the unique market realities in a post-Covid world. We also offer the flexibility to adjust the course materials to specific company goals, timing and preferred structure.

Each topic is covered in depth and courses are taught by industry-leading experts.

Why Poten & Partners

Poten has the world’s largest and most experienced, dedicated LNG & natural gas advisory team in the world. With over 40 full-time staff, we have built a unique business understanding that supports course participants in making the right decisions and concluding successful transactions in the complex LNG marketplace.


What Your Team Will Gain

Poten’s LNG and natural gas training course provides a strong foundation to help your team understand this dynamic industry. Participants will learn the essentials as we walk through the value chain in detail, discover how global supply and demand interact and are likely to evolve, discuss different contract structures and economics of LNG – and apply what they’ve learned through a well-tested, interactive exercise focused on project negotiation and economics. This interactive approach to learning promotes team work and mutual sharing of knowledge to the ultimate benefit of your organization. All courses are taught so that participants can take the lessons learned and apply them immediately in the workplace – helping you to optimize the business, develop new revenue opportunities, and improve the value of your organization and team.

When it comes to industry training, there is simply no substitute for experience. Course leaders are drawn from the world’s largest, dedicated global team of LNG & natural gas advisors – each with practical commercial, technical, marine and markets experience.

Course Agenda

While the course outline below has been prepared by leading advisors, Poten also has the ability to customize this course based on your company’s unique set of needs and goals.

LNG and Natural Gas Fundamentals

Use of natural gas/LNG and physical/chemical compositions, market dynamics and business structures in the industry, commoditization forces and comparison between oil and LNG.

Contract Structure

Discussions of various commercial structures along the LNG value chain, discussions of key LNG contracts including Sales and Purchase Agreements, Terminal Use Agreements, Gas Sales Agreements and Ship Charter Agreements and recent contract trends.

Economics of LNG

Cost drivers, competitive forces, coverage of the entire value chain from representative cost perspective, and representative break-even Cost of Service by LNG supply region.

LNG Spot and Market Intelligence

Recent development in the LNG trade, focus on spot trade activities, recent market intelligence.

Global Gas and LNG Markets

Competitive position of natural gas in power generation, interaction between natural gas and renewables (wind and solar), global natural gas and LNG demand, supply and pricing dynamics and impact of recent events.

LNG Value Chain

Discussion of representative Capital Expenditures and critical success factors along the value chain, including liquefaction, shipping and regasification (both conventional onshore and FSRU).

Thoughts on the Future

Discussions of competition, market forces, the dynamics of trade and industry structure

Interactive Exercise

Gain hands-on scenario training via an interactive exercise, focused on project negotiations and positioning along the LNG value chain.


There’s never been a better time to reflect and improve upon your organizations’ skillset. Our remote training course is designed for companies looking to quickly get their team up to speed with the industry and provides a tool kit for employees to bring back to your organization – allowing them to apply knowledge, techniques and skills to the workplace immediately – saving on learning and development costs and improving your bottom line.

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About Our Instructors

Poten is recognized as the leader in providing advisory services in support of activities in the LNG and natural gas sector. Our hands-on commercial experience and direct knowledge of the market enable us to offer uniquely relevant insight. Each topic is covered in depth and courses are taught by experts, many of whom are actively advising on the design of LNG plants and development of LNG projects, marketing and shipping of LNG.
Doug Brown
LNG Shipping Manager

Doug is an LNG Shipping Specialist with Poten, having previously spent over 40 years working for BP in shipping, both as a serving ship’s officer up to the rank of Master and as marine advisor.

Kerry Anne Shanks
Market Specialist

Kerry-Anne has 18 years of experience across the gas and LNG industries and is recognized as an expert on the dynamics of gas and LNG markets. She has advised companies on LNG procurement, marketing, trading, pricing and regulation.

Majed Limam
Manager, Americas

Majed is the Manager of Poten’s LNG & Natural Gas Advisors team in the Americas and has over 18 years of experience in the gas/LNG sector specializing in value chain economics, global market drivers and project development strategies.

Steve Thompson
Global Manager

Steve is the Global Manager of Poten’s LNG & Natural Gas practice and has a deep knowledge of strategic decision making across the value chain – with over 30 years of experience in international energy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the leaders in LNG & Natural Gas.

Develop new hires, interns and other staff members at a fraction of the cost compared to training internally and provide your staff with access to the world’s leading advisors.

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What Course Participants Have Said:

Our training courses aim to inspire, inform and develop course participants - helping organizations achieve excellence in the LNG and natural gas space efficiently and cost-effectively.

“I have learned a lot of LNG concepts and have had a new experience regarding the LNG negotiations.”

Government Official

“The real-life expertise of the Poten instructors was extremely valuable to us, both from the technical, commercial and market aspects.”

Manager, International Energy Company

“Our board was very pleased with the great organization.”

LNG Import and Commercial Agent

World-Class Training from the Most Experienced Experts

When it comes to industry training, there is simply no substitute for experience. Course leaders are drawn from the world’s largest, dedicated global team of LNG & natural gas advisors - each with practical commercial, technical, marine and markets experience.
LNG & natural gas advisory projects completed
Full-time professionals across Poten’s global offices – the largest LNG and natural gas advisory team in the world
Countries and territories serviced throughout world
Total years of LNG and natural gas expertise – Learn from the most experienced LNG and natural gas advisory team

About Poten LNG Advisors

From the industry’s earliest days, Poten & Partners has been the premier service provider to the global LNG and natural gas business.  Poten provides a full spectrum of services across the entire value chain and due to our interdisciplinary expertise we are able to deliver complete industry solutions to our clients.

Over the past decade we have extended our advisory services to include in-person training seminars – which have already helped several multi-billion dollar companies establish themselves in the LNG and natural gas markets of North America, Asia Pacific and beyond.

Our new remote-learning contains the same level and depth of knowledge, but has been reformatted to operate seamlessly in a highly interactive and engaging virtual-learning environment.

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