LPG Market Outlook

Actionable LPG market intelligence

Poten & Partners’ LPG Market Outlook is a unique tool that provides insightful forecasting on trade patterns and flows, as well as LPG exports and imports by country and region. In addition to the monthly analysis, clients receive a full data package including all forecasts of supply by source,  domestic demand for key countries and global trade, enabling users to adjust the forecasts in line with their own books.

Featuring proprietary supply, demand and trade forecasts, this outlook provides insight into changing trends and market patterns, allowing market participants to identify and seize opportunities in the global LPG market. The LPG Market Outlook provides a reliable, forward-looking perspective that empowers users to make critical business decisions with confidence.

The LPG Market Outlook includes 18-month demand forecasts for all major LPG importers, allowing market participants to focus on countries where there may be commercial opportunities. Importantly, the forecasts include Information about demand changes due to seasonality, petrochemical expansions, turnarounds and overall growth.

Tactical LPG Forecasting

This new outlook provides insight into anticipated changes to market trends and trade patterns, allowing market participants to respond effectively as opportunities to develop in the global LPG market. The LPG Market Outlook provides a reliable, forward-looking perspective that enables market players to anticipate short-term changes in the LPG markets and move decisively to capture opportunities.  When weak exports are expected from one country, buyers can ensure that demand is met with imports from other players.  Sluggish demand due to seasonal shut downs of petrochemical plants will highlight the need to send cargoes elsewhere

Market Insight

The LPG Market Outlook identifies where patterns of demand are changing, when demand is likely to be higher, the timing of market dynamics, the scope of shifts in supply and forward-looking arbitrage opportunities. The forecast for each country captures the latest news, data and market changes. Frequent updates ensure that clients are on top of the latest changes in global markets and are well positioned to respond. 

Unmatched Expertise

Poten’s many years of experience in LPG markets provide a deep understanding of the competitive landscape. Whether it is shipping operations, planning and logistics, cancellations, the impact of external events – weather, outages, politics or oil price spikes and more – put Poten’s insight to work for you.

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