Insight and Market Intelligence on the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Please enjoy our Tanker Research and Consulting team opinions and insights discussing Covid-19 outbreak and it's effects on the tanker market.
Jessica Lampi

Another Brick in the Wall

Jessica Lampi

21 February 2020:

The US announces more sanctions on Venezuela

A little more than a year ago, Mr. Juan Guaido, then…

Jessica Lampi

Coronavirus Infects Tanker Market

Jessica Lampi

14 February 2020:

The coronavirus (now officially called COVID-19 by the World Health Organization) continues to spread, albeit primarily among…

Jessica Lampi

It is a Mess in the Med

Jessica Lampi


Libya does not seem to be able to catch a break.  The regime of Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in…

Erik Broekhuizen

Coronavirus Concerns

Erik Broekhuizen

23 Jan 2020:

The coronavirus outbreak, which started in the city of Wuhan in China, has spread across several countries…

Erik Broekhuizen

What’s the Big Deal?

Erik Broekhuizen

17 Jan 2020:

On Wednesday, January 15, the U.S. and China signed a “phase 1” trade deal, officially called…


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