LNG Charter Party

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This course will introduce the individual clauses that comprise the agreement and, more importantly, will explore how those clauses are used and maximized in an everyday setting by the key stakeholders involved. This course will ultimately challenge its participants to think about the charter party not just in an academic sense but alongside the very issues affecting the market.

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Session 1: Date/Location to be announced (2-day)

Course overview

Introduction to LNG Charter Parties

LNG charter within the LNG value chain and other contracts

Project charters vs Portfolio charters

Analysis of Commercial Charter Party Clauses 

Pro-charterer positions vs Pro-owner positions

Potential issues with today’s market dynamics


Analysis of Operational Charter Party Clauses 

Pro-charterer positions vs Pro-owners positions

Clause’s relevance to the overall charter party

 Optimizing The Charter Party

Shipowner’s perspective vs Charterer’s perspective

Development and application of clauses 

Charter Party Negotiation

Detailed look at charter party negotiation process

Argument types presented by shipowners and charterers

Resolving Charter Party Issues

Shipowner and charterer analysis of common issues

Application of charter party to resolve issues at hand

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