India to Start Two New Import Terminals in 2018; Pipelines Stalled

18 April, 2018: India is set to start up two new import terminals this year but throughput will remain low because of slow progress adding new pipeline capacity. India now has a 16,470-km gas pipeline network with transmission capacity of 387.3 MMcf/d.

As a result, the two new terminals – the 5-MMt/y Mundra terminal and the 145,000-m³ floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) at Jaigarh port in Maharashtra – are expected to operate below nameplate capacity.

The Mundra terminal is expected to start up in June but construction of the key 20-km (12.4 miles) section connecting the pipeline to the grid at Anjaar in the Gujarat state may not be completed until the end of this year.

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