Deal Or No Deal?

6 Apr 2018; For most of this decade, Iranian oil production and exports have been reduced due to international sanctions, imposed as a result of of its nuclear ambitions and because of humanitarian concerns.  In July 2015, the P5+1 (China, France, , Russia, the U.K the U.S and Germany.) reached an agreement (JCPOA) with Iran on its nuclear capabilities in return for sanctions relief. The implementation phase of the sanctions relief started in January 2016.  President Trump has for a long time expressed his dissatisfaction with the agreement and in October 2017 announced that he would not recertify the agreement.  The next deadline to extend the sanctions waiver is May 12, 2018, and at this point the Trump administration may announce that the U.S. will snap back  its sanctions on Iran.  In this opinion we will review Iran’s recent crude production and exports and discuss the possible impact of renewed sanctions on the tanker market. Please fill out the form to read the article.
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