Asphalt Weekly Monitor

3 May 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt and flux prices were moatly higher in the region this week.  
  • Wholesale asphalt barge pricing was flat, with flux prices firmer on the East Coast.
  • Midwest retail asphalt markets were mostly steady for the start of May with limited activity.
  • Wholesale prices rise for May barges and rail supply in the Midwest. Flux prices firmed.     
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices increased in most areas for the week.   
  • Wholesale asphalt prices were steady on the Gulf Coast this week – flux barge prices higher.
  • Some Rockies retail locations assessed higher this week. Wholesale prices rise for May.
  • West Coast markets are mostly unchanged. Flux prices are flat, awaiting more
  • Retail markets were flat in western Canada. However, Alberta wholesale prices went up.
  • Eastern Canada selling and posted prices are steadfast at previous week reports.
  • Oil prices declined again this week, by less than a dollar per barrel.
  • Curacao Refinery Receives an Exemption from U.S. Venezuelan Sanctions (See Industry News).
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