Asphalt Weekly Monitor

22 Mar 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt and flux price assessments are unchanged this week.  
  • Wholesale asphalt barge prices flat, with flux barge pricing up on the East Coast.
  • Midwest retail asphalt markets were sluggish. Prices were mostly steady. Flux was flat. 
  • Midwest wholesale barge/rail asphalt and flux prices were steady this week.     
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt amd flux prices remain unchanged for the week.   
  • Wholesale asphalt and flux pricing rose this week in the Gulf Coast.
  • Rocky Mountain racks were slow–prices were unchanged for retail and wholesale asphalt.    
  • West Coast markets had few reported changes. Assessed selling ranges were static.        
  • Western Canada asphalt retail prices are flat. Wholesale prices are also steady in Alberta.
  • Posted and retail selling prices moved higher in Quebec this week.
  • Crude markets were around the same price levels as previous week’s market prices.


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