Asphalt Weekly Monitor

Marissa Zeitinger

06 Jul 2018

  • Paving activity slows this week, due to the mid-week holiday.
  • Many East Coast retail asphalt and flux prices rose to start July.
  • East Coast asphalt barge prices were steady, with flux barge pricing increasing this week.
  • Suppliers continue to increase Midwest retail market prices. Selling ranges climb again.
  • July prices rose for July Midwest wholesale asphalt/flux–now likely above coker alt. values.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices increased in most areas this week.
  • The Gulf Coast asphalt barge range firmed, while flux barge prices moved up as well.
  • Rockies retail price assessment go higher for a number of locations for July’s start.
  • Wholesale prices rise in the Rockies for July material. Demand remains strong.
  • West Coast asphalt selling prices also rise this week in most areas.
  • Western Canada asphalt selling and posted prices were unchanged.
  • Alberta wholesale pricing moved higher to start July.
  • Selling prices are higher across eastern Canada, with posted prices unchanged.
  • Crude oil prices increased this week for all benchmark crudes, due to supply concerns.
  • Blueknight Announces Sale of Three Asphalt Terminals to Ergon (see Industry News).
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