Asphalt Weekly Monitor

Marissa Zeitinger
22 Dec 2017
  • Remaining asphalt activity wound down, as the Christmas Holiday weekend approached.
  • East Coast asphalt retail prices mostly steady, with some areas up; flux retail prices flat.
  • Wholesale pricing for asphalt and flux on the East coast is status quo for the week.
  • Posted/reference price hikes in some Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana occurred late in the week.
  • Some higher Midwest wholesale asphalt prices were noted this week. Ranges firmed.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt prices were steady for the week, with retail flux prices flat or firmer.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt and flux barge pricing is steadfast this week.
  • Rockies December wholesale markets are steady. January prices are likely in negotiation.
  • West Coast retail prices were mostly flat this pre-holiday week.
  • Western Canada asphalt retail prices are steadfast. Alberta wholesale is also flat.
  • Eastern Canada retail prices are steady. QC suppliers ceased posted prices until spring.
  • Oil prices climbed by a dollar this week, as markets remain firm for crude. Brent is $6+ above WTI grade, with Western Canadian WCS selling at deep discounts to WTI
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