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Media Mentions

The Market Oracle: Obscure Maritime Law Practically 'Guarantees' Profits for These Energy Companies
September 28, 2014

"The surge in crude oil from major U.S. basins, such as the Bakken and Eagle Ford, has far outstripped the ability of the industry to build and operate more ships. According to Poten & Partners, a New York-based maritime consulting firm, leasing costs for Jones Act vessels have skyrocketed by 87% in the last two years."

Tradewinds: Half bad
September 17, 2014
"Mott was asked later in the forum by panel moderator Jeff Goetz of Poten & Partners what advice he would give to owners seeking to do business with BP."
Konig & CIE: Investors Weekly
September 09, 2014
"In 2011, as rising crude oil prices pushed bunker prices to new highs, shipyards started to market new tanker designs. When bunker prices reached $600/MT (for 380cst), fuel accounted for the majority of freight costs, and many tanker owners resorted to 'slow steaming' to reduce fuel expenses. Speed proved to be much less important than fuel consumption in this market environment."
Intertanko: Poten & Partners - Slip N’ Slide into Better Times... but watch the rocks and grit
September 05, 2014
"Although the Caribbean market for aframaxes has taken a precipitous tumble, other tanker segments have maintained healthy spot rates suggesting that vessel oversupply could be moderating in the general sense. A look at the current orderbook across all segments provides some insight as to what is still coming down the pike, but more curiously what has slipped or has fallen off the radar all together."
Bloomberg: Jet Fuel Rally in New York Seen Ending as Cargoes Restore Supply
September 04, 2014

"Ship broker Poten & Partners has seen a 'significant' pick-up in jet-fuel tanker deliveries to the U.S. this year, Erik Broekhuizen, the company’s head of marine research, said by telephone from New York yesterday.

"'There has definitely been more jet fuel moving in 2014 than in 2013, more than double what we saw last year in reported fixtures, and that’s only a fraction of the market,' Broekhuizen said. 'Whether that’s because U.S. refiners are making something else or there’s been a strong pick-up in airline traffic, I don’t know.'"

Energy Collective: A Quiet Confession - China Cuts 2020 Shale Gas Goals in Half
August 20, 2014
"Importing more LNG is the strategy the country took after it missed CBM targets, according to Poten Partners, an energy advisor."
Platts: Petrodollars - China builds up its oil tanker fleet
August 18, 2014
"An April report by Poten & Partners calculated that China’s spot tanker demand accounted for the equivalent of the full utilization of 150 very large crude carriers in 2013, or 23% of the world’s fleet of VLCCs, up from 66 in 2009."
Angelicoussis Places $400 Million Tanker Order with DSME
July 31, 2014

According to research from Poten & Partners, 20 new VLCCs are scheduled to be delivered from shipyards between now and the end of the year, adding to the roughly 10 which have so far been delivered.

Lloyd’s List : The view far over the VLCC horizon
July 31, 2014
"In the near term, the outlook is looking up for VLCCs. Earnings of nearly $40,000 per day in July are getting people excited about what the peak season will offer. 'If the market is this strong in July, what goodies could the fourth quarter bring?’ asked shipping analysts and brokers at Poten & Partners. With an incremental 20 VLCCs scheduled to deliver in the rest of the year, new vessel supply for 2014 will be around 30, which is consistent with 2013 and well below the 'bloated influx of 65 ships in 2011,' Poten observed."
Fairplay: America debuts field condensate exports
July 24, 2014
"Poten & Partners cited two key takeaways from the rulings: 'One, this could be the first real inkling of Washington getting hip to the ability of producers to find ways around arcane regulations. Two, a multibillion-dollar industry could potentially change overnight with the stroke of a pen.'...Poten & Partners believes that 'while an actual reversal in the export ban is very unlikely before the mid-term elections in November, these [condensate] developments should be taken seriously. The public reaction, seemingly muted at the moment, may suggest that crude oil exports are more palatable than was historically assumed.'"
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