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Media Mentions

IHS Maritime 360: West Africa Crude Market Adjusts to Reduced US Demand
November 25, 2014
"European importers see west African crude providing the best netbacks-versus-alternative grades, such as Urals, according to Poten & Partners."
CNBC: Does the Keystone Pipeline Really Matter?
November 20, 2014
"Does the Keystone pipeline really matter? Jason Feer, Head of Business Intelligence at Poten & Partners, discusses the significance of the Keystone XL pipeline following the rejection of the bill by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday."
Lloyd's List: VLCC Earnings Flatten as other Crude Tanker Segments Soar
November 19, 2014
"This limited fleet growth was highlighted recently by US broker and consultancy Poten & Partners. The global fleet stands at 631, only slightly up from 628 in 2013, according to Poten."
Lloyd's List: Aframaxes in the Med Hit Staggering Earnings of $85,300 per day.
November 18, 2014
"Looking at the bigger picture, limited fleet growth has been a key factor in the tanker market’s gradual recovery, according to US broker and consultancy Poten & Partners. The aframax fleet has actually declined to 877 vessels from 889 this time last year, Poten's data showed in a recent report. 'It looks as though the trend of 2014 may continue into 2015,' forecast Poten’s analysts. Based on these vessel supply developments, 'the outlook appears to be most encouraging for the medium-sized (crude) tankers', they added."
Lloyd's List: Mediterranean Spot Market Earnings Boost Suezmax Owners
November 18, 2014
"The suezmax fleet declined to 433 vessels from 440 this time last year, according to US broker and consultancy Poten & Partners"
Maritime CEO: A Push Towards Traditional Shipowning?
November 14, 2014
"At the end of May we met up with, Michael Tusiani, the chairman of US brokers Poten & Partners, for what turned into a fascinating interview on his take on shipping cycles.

"Shipowning today is a far cry from when Tusiani started out in the business. 'The advent of public money and other sources of capital such as private equity and hedge funds have changed the landscape because of the effective separation of the ownership of physical assets from their day-to-day operations.'

"The primary focus of these public shipping companies, he reckons, is to demonstrate quarterly growth.

“'As there is a greater pressure to produce quicker returns, operational integrity could be potentially compromised,' the Poten boss warned.

"However, Tusiani does not believe that this new shipping structure -- where ownership is separated from commercial and technical management – will last for a long time. 'As soon as there is a major problem, charterers will not stand for them,' he predicted.

"'Is shipowning set to come full circle with owners reverting to type and being more in control of all operations, Tusiani suggested?' That was the question we posed to many top owners for this issue’s Executive Debate."
Lloyds List: Lower Crude Prices Fail to Raise Tanker Stocks
November 12, 2014
“'Today you see that rates are pretty healthy and oil prices are going down,' said Erik Broekhuizen, head of tanker research and consulting for Poten & Partners. 'If oil prices are going down because of demand falling away, then it wouldn’t make any sense for tanker rates to go up.'"
Trinidad Express: British Firm Hired to Map Natural Gas Plan for T&T
November 12, 2014
"He said Poten and Partners was chosen as the top candidate for the job following a tendering process earlier this year.

"...Poten and Partners is mandated to deliver the master plan within six months, following extensive discussions with stakeholders in the energy sector, including the Energy Chamber, upstream, middle stream and downstream industries, as well as State sectors such as the National Gas Company, National Energy Company and Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd.

"...He noted Poten and Partners has 60 years experience in the consulting business.

"'...The decisions around those issues in the future require careful study and that is why we thought that we should have a national gas master plan. Poten and Partners is a very reputable company that is well respected in the industry so I’m sure Trinidad and Tobago will have, in six months or before, a very high-quality document in the form of a natural gas master plan that will allow us to road map for the next ten years,' said the Energy and Energy Affairs Minister, Kevin Ramnarine."
Lloyd's List: What Does the Latest Round of Tanker Results tell Us?
November 12, 2014
“'Crude oil imports into Asia are quite volatile on a month-by-month basis, but the overall trend is still positive,' said US broker and consultant Poten & Partners in a recent report.
"China’s oil demand in September rose 6.2% from August, a seven-month peak, Poten noted."
Bloomberg: LPG Share Weakness has Tracked Pullback in Crude Prices
November 12, 2014
"Assuming full delivery of the orderbook, we estimate the current VLGC fleet count of 158 vessels growing to 238 by year-end 2016, according to Poten & Partners."
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